Copyright Policy

At the Four Souls Card Repository, we respect the rights of all artists, video game developers and other creative individuals and groups. We enable community members to send in fanmade cards. We do not make any financial gain from this, we include them in a single unified space solely for the community to enjoy and print out at their expense. We do not make any sort of commission from any printing of the cards, the entire section is intended for fans to create and share cards they feel enhance the game.

Sometimes, these cards may include influences or themes from other games. These are credited where they are due, and uploaded to the site with the understanding that all cards posted to this site are protected under Fair Dealings, or have obtained the permission of the author of the work.

However, some copyright owners may wish for us to take down fan-created content, believing it to be based on their copyrighted content.

Concerning Jurisdiction

The Four Souls Card Repository is currently hosted in the United Kingdom. As such, while the DMCA is not enforceable, similar laws require we follow takedown requests all the same.

Similarly, Fair Use does not apply to the site, but Fair Dealings does. This is a similar law to Fair use. Fair Dealings is a complicated and limited law that protects works under very specific circumstances. We recommend fancard creators seek legal council to determine if their specific cards can fall under Fair Dealings.

What we do when we receive Copyright Takedown requests

When we become aware that a fancard submission infringes upon the copyrights of another artist, company or other creative individual, we will immediately do the following:

It is a legal requirement that we must remove any copyright infringement as soon as we are notified. Card creators will not receive advanced warning of our actions, and will be encouraged to seek permission with the copyright holders for restoration of the card.

This method will ensure the infringing content is removed, while a record of the card’s text will persist for future reference.

If a creator is found to have repeatedly submitted infringing content, they may be excluded from further fancard releases on the site. We consider three offences to be a general indication of a repeat offender.

Despite the Four Souls Card Repository taking down infringing artwork, the copyright holder may decide to sue fancard creators directly if their copyright is infringed through submitting fancards to our site.

Under section 35 of the UK Data Protection Act of 1998, we cannot provide any additional information about any users who submit fancards, unless presented with a certified UK court order.

For Card Creators

All card creators must submit their cards through our card submission form. This form requires that you acknowledge to us that the content you are submitting either falls under Fair Dealings, or has full permission from copyright holders for any copyright work depicted within the card.

This is not an uncommon agreement. Places like Twitter, Discord and DeviantArt hold almost identical policies in regards to artwork uploading. Any chance of potential legal action through our site is similarly present on other sites, though it is historically irregular and improbable that legal action will occur as most copyright owners promote creativity with their copyright, as it is free advertising.

We cannot guarantee any cards are restored if they are taken down, but will try to settle such issues if we are able. Like all online platforms, we cannot guarantee a copyright holder will not pursue you for perceived damages.

You may access the fancard submission form here!

For Copyright Holders

If you believe that one of the fancards infringe on your copyright, you may use the copyright takedown process listed below to get it removed. Please note, you shall need to do/obtain the following when filing this notice:

  1. Identify the work(s) that are claimed to be infringed.
  2. Identify which card(s) infringe your work, ideally with corresponding URLs.
  3. Information that allows us to contact the complaining party or their representative, ideally through either a phone number, or an email address.
  4. A statement that the complaining party believes in good faith that the card(s) that are the subject of their complaint is not authorised by the copyright holder, their representative or the law.
  5. A statement that the information is accurate under penalty of perjury, and that the complaining party is authorised to make this claim for the copyright that is allegedly infringed.
  6. A physical or electronic signature of the copyright owner, or an authorised agent of the copyright owner.

As soon as we get a notice, we shall take down the infringing content as outlined in “What we do when we receive copyright takedown requests“. By doing this, we ensure our status as a safe harbour platform while respecting your copyright ownership and rights to what happens to your property.

We may try to either help mediate between the two parties, or otherwise connect both parties in order to assist in the dispute. Please note, this is not a sign that we accept liability for any infringement – we simply wish for an amicable resolution between contributors to the site, and owners of IPs.

You may access the copyright takedown request form here!