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Welcome to the Four Souls Fancard Repository

Latest Announcement

We’re Taking Over!

Hello All!

A lot of you may be wondering what just happened. just launched, and it is this site! What is going on?!

Well, I approached the team with this site, and asked for official support to add the cards. There was a lot of discussion, and after the talk, we reached a few agreements.

Firstly, we shall have to sadly cleave this site in twain. All official Four Souls content will soon be ejected from this site. The main reason is that we didn’t want any conflict regarding fangames and the official content, especially with copyright claiming. So, all official content is heading to

Secondly, the print efforts are remaining here. Due to a rise in piracy, to persist in trying to print official cards that are currently in print would allow these pirates to make off like bandits, and the main team, feeling the burn.

But, we’re not giving up on this site! We will soon rebrand to be the Four Souls Fan Repository! It’ll have a nice new arcade-y feel to it, and will feature fanpacks from the community! We will also reintegrate the deckbuilder over here, so you can generate a mixed deck from our deckbuilder, with a preconfigured link to the official deckbuilder. Wizard!

We also plan to push for custom templates for fanmade cards, and hope to be able to provide them to you sometime after the main site is fully fleshed out.

The current live site is missing many images. We wanted the launch to be mostly focused on the V2 cards, and we didn’t realise we had the V1 cards once our deadline came up. However, the old cards will be returning, hopefully with the next batch of releases! We have all of the cards, save for the Pax Bloat, and they will, eventually, make their way onto

We still have some fancards to submit here, but those will sadly have to wait. But, if you have made any fancard packs you wish to submit, please do so via This Form! Please note, we’re still only accepting packs of over 6 cards.

We look forward to this exciting chapter in this new venture, and we hope to provide you with two very useful websites! See you around!

Owner and designer of

4th October, 2021

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