2-4 Players take turns playing loot cards and using items to kill monsters in order to gain more items, loot cards and sometimes souls. The first player to gain 4 souls is the winner. Co-operation, bartering and betrayal are all strongly encouraged.

Basic Rules

  1. Setup
  2. Card Types
  3. Turn Structure

Playing Effects

  1. The Stack

Game Events

  1. Dice Rolls
  2. Purchasing
  3. Attacking
  4. Monster Death
  5. Refilling Slots
  6. Player Death
  7. Bartering
  8. Fizzling

Winning the Game

  1. Souls
  2. Bonus Souls

Alternative Game Modes

  1. 2 Player Mini Draft
  2. Solitaire Mode


  1. Key Terms
  2. Further Examples