Souls are an important part of the game: the first player to have 4 souls wins!

Any card with the soul symbol can turn into a soul card. The soul symbol says how many souls that soul card is worth. Soul cards should be visible to all players.

There are a number of item, loot card, and monster effects that can force players to discard soul cards, or even allow players to steal soul cards from their rivals! If a player is forced to discard a soul card they must place it in the appropriate discard pile.

A player wins as soon as they gain their fourth soul. This means that responding to the effect that would give a player their fourth soul if it resolves is the final opportunity for the others players to prevent that player from winning.

How to Gain Souls

Most often souls are gained by killing bosses, but there are also a number of other ways to gain souls. You can also play with the bonus souls (see Bonus Souls).


Boss monsters become soul cards when killed. There are a number of epic bosses that are worth two souls!

The Lost

The Lost starts the game with 1 soul. This soul can’t be destroyed, stolen, or lost in any other way.

The Bone

Resolving the final paid effect on The Bone will turn it into a soul card. If it is ever discarded after becoming a soul card, it is lost for good similar to a bonus soul.

Lost Soul

You play Lost Soul like any other loot card. When it resolves, it becomes a soul card and you gain it.

Treasure Cards

Some treasure cards can become soul cards:

Non-Monster Cards

Bonus Souls

The bonus souls are gained when a player meets a certain condition, for example having 25¢ or more for the Soul of Greed. Once gained the bonus souls act like any other soul card.

Each bonus soul can only be gained once per game; if a bonus soul card is ever discarded, it is placed face down next to the game and cannot be gained again (see Bonus Souls).

Related FAQs

Character Cards

Once the Forgotten’s Bone has been turned into a soul, can someone steal it or force the player discard or destroy it?

Yes. Once the item card becomes a soul card it loses all its abilities, including being eternal, and so can be discarded, destroyed, or stolen like any other soul card.

Can the Lost’s starting soul be stolen, discarded, or destroyed?

No. The soul is attached to the Lost’s character card and cannot be stolen, discarded, or destroyed by any means.

Loot Cards

Can I Butter Bean a trinket or the Lost Soul loot card?

Yes. Butter Bean can cancel any loot card being played, and trinkets aren't considered items till the loot card effect resolves. The same goes for the lost soul: it only becomes a soul card once the effect of the loot card resolves.


What happens if I’m forced to discard a soul card/someone steals a soul card from me and I only have a soul card worth 2 souls?

If a player only has a soul card that is worth 2 souls they must still discard it because it still counts as one soul card. Similarly, soul cards that are worth 2 souls can be stolen by effects that can steal soul cards.

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