Dice Rolls

During the game, players will make dice rolls for a number of loot card, item, or monster effects as well as while attacking. Rolls made as part of an attack are considered attack rolls. Players always make rolls with a six-sided dice. Dice rolls can’t ever go above 6 or below 1.

When a player rolls a dice:

  1. The initial result is added to the stack, then any “+X/-X to dice rolls” effects are added to the stack on top of the initial result, then the active player gets priority.
    • This is when rerolls and other effects that modify the result can be played.
    • Only initial rolls go on the stack; effects that reroll simply modify the result on the stack.
  2. The roll resolves as the current result on the stack, with any modifiers having been applied.
    • If the roll is for an effect, the effect corresponding to that dice result is added to the stack.
    • If the roll is an attack roll, combat damage is added to the stack, targeting either the monster or the player (see attacking).
    • Effects that trigger off of the result are added to the stack immediately on top of the effect or combat damage being rolled for, then the active player gets priority.

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