A player may purchase an item once a turn during their action phase. They may purchase either one of the shop items or the top card of the treasure deck for 10¢. A player can only start a purchase while the stack is empty (i.e. not in response to anything). This means a player couldn’t buy an item during combat, nor could they buy an item while their death is on the stack, for example.

To purchase, a player starts by saying what they are purchasing. This declaration goes on the stack, and when it resolves, the purchase happens: the player simultaneously gives 10¢ to the supply and gains the purchased item.

If a player purchases one of the shop items, it will be replaced with the top card of the treasure deck. The refill effect is put on the stack; when it resolves the slot is filled and the active player gets priority.

If the treasure deck runs out of cards at any point, instantly shuffle its discard pile and make it the deck. This can happen in the middle of an effect resolving and does not use the stack.

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The Stack

If I decide to attack the top card of the monster deck or buy the top card of the treasure deck and someone responds by rearranging or otherwise altering the top card(s) of that deck, can I take back my attack on/purchase from the deck?

No. Once a player has declared what they are attacking or purchasing they must attack/purchase that way when the declaration resolves regardless of what other players may do before then.

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