Attacking and Monster Slots

What happens if a player kills a monster or boss during another player’s turn?

The active player always gains the rewards of any monster being killed, regardless of how the monster was killed. If the monster killed was a boss the active player also gains the soul.

What do you do if you attack the top of the monster deck and it is a monster that can’t be attacked?

Certain monsters such as Stoney and Death's Head can't be attacked. If a player attacks the top of the monster deck and reveals a monster that can't be attacked, the monster is placed into an active slot and the attack fizzles. This does still count as that player's attack for the turn.

What happens if a player and a monster both take lethal damage at the same time?

Normally the rules of the stack mean that one of the effects or dice rolls that would kill either the player or the monster resolves first, and thus combat will be cancelled before the other can die. There are a few exceptions, however, with a number of effects that deal damage to both a player and a monster at the same time, such as Lust's effect. In these rare cases where both the player and the monster die at the same time you resolve the monster’s death first, then the player’s.

If I’m attacking a monster that has an effect that deals damage to me on a roll of 6 and I’m at 1HP and roll a 6 that would kill the monster, who dies first?

The monster’s triggered effect would be added to the stack and would resolve before the attack roll that would deal the final damage to kill the monster. Combat ends when either the player or monster dies, and the unresolved attack roll on the stack would fizzle when the player dies. The monster would therefore not die in this scenario even after the player does.

Can you still deal damage to monsters that can’t be attacked with loot card and item effects?

Yes. Whilst monsters like Stoney and Death's Head can't be attacked, they can still be damaged (and potentially killed) by loot card and item effects (e.g. bombs, Mr Boom, Golden Razor Blade).

What do you do if you are forced to fight the top card of the monster deck, but all active monsters cannot be covered?

The print and future versions of cards like Exposito that force a player to attack the top of the monster deck will have an 'if able' added to the end of that effect to indicate that if all active monster slots have monsters in them that can't be covered then that effect fizzles and the active player may choose to attack one of the active monsters. The ruling remains the same even with the old wording - if there are no active slots that the top card of the monster deck could be drawn into, the effect forcing a player to attack the top of the monster deck will fizzle.

Character Cards

What happens to the two items that Eden doesn’t pick?

The two treasure cards not selected by Eden during setup are put on the bottom of the treasure deck.

Can I use an item with ‘Destroy this:’ as Eden’s starting item?

Items with “Destroy this:” don’t function with Eden because the effect is conditional on the item destroying itself, and the item won't be able to be destroyed if it gains eternal. Nothing prevents you from taking the item, but the effect would fizzle on every activation and so there will likely be better options.

Can I use Glass Canon as Eden’s starting item?

Most items that destroy themselves don't work if made eternal, but Glass Cannon is an exception as the main effect is not conditional on the item destroying itself. With Glass Canon, only the 'Loot 2' after a roll of 1-5 will fizzle if the item can't destroy itself.

Once the Forgotten’s Bone has been turned into a soul, can someone steal it or force the player discard or destroy it?

Yes. Once the item card becomes a soul card it loses all its abilities, including being eternal, and so can be discarded, destroyed, or stolen like any other soul card.

Can the Lost’s starting soul be stolen, discarded, or destroyed?

No. The soul is attached to the Lost’s character card and cannot be stolen, discarded, or destroyed by any means.

Loot Cards

Do I have to play a trinket from my hand for it to become an item?

Yes. A trinket will be played from your hand like any other loot card and it is only once it resolves that it will then be considered an item. From this point onwards it will be treated no differently to any other item, and will stay in play until it is destroyed.

Can I Butter Bean a trinket or the Lost Soul loot card?

Yes. Butter Bean can cancel any loot card being played, and trinkets aren't considered items till the loot card effect resolves. The same goes for the lost soul: it only becomes a soul card once the effect of the loot card resolves.

If a loot card is cancelled by a Butter Bean, in what order do the two cards go onto the discard pile?

The cancelled loot card would go on the discard pile first followed by the Butter Bean on top.

Does Counterfeit Penny also give an extra ¢ when stealing or bartering?

No, Counterfeit Penny only causes a player to gain an extra penny when a card specifically says you 'gain' x coins.


What happens if we run out of coins?

If all 100¢ has been hoarded by other players, players can simply no longer gain ¢.

What happens if I am forced to destroy an item, discard a loot card, or lose ¢ but I’m not able to?

Nothing. If a penalty or effect forces a player to lose something they have none of, no other penalty takes place. If a player is asked to lose more of a particular resource than they have, they just reduce the resource in question down to 0; for example, if a card forces a player to discard 2 loot, but they only have 1, that player must discard that 1 card.

What happens if the monster, loot or treasure deck runs out of cards?

If a deck runs out of cards you simply shuffle the appropriate discard pile and then use that as the new deck.

Monster Cards

What does it mean when a monster card has a reward of “Roll: Gain x¢” or “Roll: Loot x”?

You roll a dice when resolving the rewards for that monster's death and then when that dice roll resolves you gain ¢ or loot equal to the number rolled.

Player Death

Can a player die multiple times in a turn?

A player can only die once per turn, and will heal to full health at the next ending phase. It is possible for a player to die multiple times, once per turn, before they next get a turn of their own, however.

Can a dead player take damage/can I deal damage to a dead player?

A player can’t choose to deal damage to a dead player, but it is possible for them to take damage from effects where the target is not chosen by a player, for example those that target all players or the player to the left or right of another player. A player can never go below 0 HP.

Can I still play my loot card for the turn if I am killed before I have played one?

You would be able to respond to your own death before it resolves and play your loot card for the turn if you hadn't already. Once you have finished paying the Death Penalty and the turn has moved to the Ending Phase you would no longer be able to play a loot card without tapping your character card or through some other means, however, as you would no longer be in the Action Phase of the turn.

What happens if a player’s death is prevented?

If a player’s death is prevented by an effect, their health is returned to what it was before they took lethal damage or were killed by an effect.

What happens if the active player dies when there are still empty monster or shop slots?

If the active player dies when there are any empty shop or monster slots they must refill them before their turn can end. This will happen at the start of the ending phase. Any non-monster cards drawn would be played as normal.


What happens if I’m forced to discard a soul card/someone steals a soul card from me and I only have a soul card worth 2 souls?

If a player only has a soul card that is worth 2 souls they must still discard it because it still counts as one soul card. Similarly, soul cards that are worth 2 souls can be stolen by effects that can steal soul cards.

What happens to the bonus souls if they are gained but later discarded or destroyed?

If a bonus soul is discarded or destroyed it is placed face down next to the game and cannot be gained again.

The Stack

What happens if two passive items trigger at the same time?

If two passive items go off at the same time their effects are added to the stack in player turn order, then resolve backward just like all other stacking effects. If one player controls multiple passive items that trigger at once, they choose the order the effects trigger and are added to the stack.

If I decide to attack the top card of the monster deck or buy the top card of the treasure deck and someone responds by rearranging or otherwise altering the top card(s) of that deck, can I take back my attack on/purchase from the deck?

No. Once a player has declared what they are attacking or purchasing they must attack/purchase that way when the declaration resolves regardless of what other players may do before then.

What happens if I’m attacking a monster that has a triggered effect on a specific roll and I also have an item that triggers on that same roll?

Monster effects are added to the stack first, followed by any other triggered effects. The effects will then resolve in reverse order like normal.

Can I respond to a dice roll that would have killed me by using an item or loot card that cancels my attack to avoid dying?

Yes. The item or loot card effect would be put on the stack above the dice roll and would therefore resolve first, cancelling the attack before the dice roll would resolve and kill the player.

If I use a card that has more than one effect on it to choose from and someone responds to it, can I choose a different option when my effect resolves?

No, you choose an effect when you put it on the stack, and once you've chosen an effect that effect is locked into place and can't be changed.

Can I respond to an item or loot card that deactivates my item by activating it?

Yes. The activation of the item would be above the item or loot card that would deactivate it on the stack, and therefore would resolve first.

Can I respond to something forcing me to discard a loot card by activating my player card and playing that card first?

Yes. The activation of your character card would be above the effect forcing you to discard a loot card on the stack, and therefore would resolve first. The same is true for effects where a loot card would be stolen rather than discarded.

Can I respond to a dice roll that would have killed me by using an item or loot card that simply kills the monster I’m attacking?

Yes, if a monster is killed during an attack via an outside source all attack rolls against that monster are cancelled as the attack ends when the monster is killed (and is therefore no longer in play).

Treasure Cards

Are the Haunt items curses?

The Haunt items are items, and are not considered curses. They can be targeted by any effect that targets items (including reroll effects, and effects like Contract From Below, or Donation Machine). They cannot be targeted by any effect that targets curses (such as The Bible or Dagaz).

What happens if I reveal a Haunt item when refilling a shop slot?

The Haunt items aren't treated differently to any other item: if revealed when refilling a shop slot the Haunt item will simply fill that slot.

Does Daddy Haunt increase the amount of damage a player takes or deal an additional instance of damage?

The effect adds 1 to the total damage the player who owns it takes. It does not deal an additional instance of damage.

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