Solitaire Mode

To set up the game, you randomly select two characters from the character deck along with their starting items. You then draw two separate hands of three loot cards and 3¢, one for each of these characters. Do not mix the hands, but you can leave the loot cards face-up. Set up the monster, loot, and treasure decks as normal. Place two treasure cards and two monster cards face up beside their respective decks as normal. Set the D8 out in an easily seen area with the EIGHT side up.

You play as both of these characters, and play proceeds as normal, playing one character at a time. You play one character, then the second character in the same order the whole game. When both character turns are over the D8 ticks down one. If a character dies during their turn, the D8 also ticks down one. All other rules for character deaths, effects, responses, and play remain unchanged.

The objective is to collect 4 souls between the two characters before the D8 reaches zero. You do, you win. You don’t, you lose.

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