Key Terms

Activate – An item can be activated if it has a turning arrow symbol on it. Items are shown to be activated by turning them sideways. Items that are activated can’t be used again until recharged. Paid effects are considered separate to activated effects, and paid items therefore don’t activate or have an activated effect.

Active Player – The player whose turn it is.

Counters – Counters are markers players place on specific cards that ask for them. They can be represented by anything you’d like (stone, dice, coin, etc.). If a card with counters is stolen, the counters stay on it.

Damage Prevention – Damage prevention is used to prevent incoming damage to a target. A player or monster doesn’t take damage that is prevented. Unused instances of prevention last until the end of the turn, but the entire instance is used on any incoming damage, even if the damage prevented is less than the maximum that could have been prevented by the effect.

Deactivate – Deactivating an item means turning it sideways without it taking effect.

Death – Monsters and Players can die when reduced to 0 HP or killed by an effect. If a player or monster is killed by damage, any effects that trigger on damage are put on the stack first and will resolve before the player or monster dies (see Monster Death, Player Death).

Destroy – When a card is destroyed, it is placed in the appropriate discard pile. Destroying an active monster is the same as killing it. Destroying a player is the same as killing them.

Discard –  When a card is discarded, it is placed in the appropriate discard pile. The final part of a loot card or non-monster card resolving is that card being put into its discard pile. Discarding active monsters yields no rewards. When a shop item or active monster is discarded, the slot they were in is refilled if it becomes empty (see Refilling Slots). Unless an effect says otherwise, a player being forced to discard loot or soul cards gets to choose which cards to discard.

Eternal Eternal items cannot be destroyed or put into discard for any reason.

Expand – Effects can expand the shop or the number of active monster slots. Any new slots are filled from the top of the appropriate deck, and remain for the rest of the game.

Heal – Effects that heal allow a player or monster to recover HP they have lost. Effects that heal cannot put a player’s or monster’s health above its current maximum.

In PlayItems owned by players, items in the shop, and active monsters are all considered in play.

Loot X – Draw X cards from the loot deck.

Next Player – The next player in turn order.

Steal/Swap – Unless an effect says otherwise, the stealing/swapping player chooses what to steal/swap. Any counters stay on stolen/swapped items.

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